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Laptop Charger for HP 741727-001 Blue Tip 45w 740015-002 740015-004 719309-003 721092-001 854054-002 854054-003 854054-001 740015-001 Stream 11 13 14 19.5V 2.31A AC Adapter Power Supply Cord

Last update was on: Thursday, October 15, 2020

Compatible with HP 11-2110NR 11-2210NR 14-X010NR 14-X010WM 14-X013DX 14-X015WM 14-X030NR 14-X040NR M6 410 13-4105DX 13-4110DX 13-4193DX 13-4195DX 13-J002DX 15-C001DX 15-U010DX 15-U011DX 15-U110DX 15-U111DX G1 M6-AE151DX M6-P013DX M6-P014DX M6-P113DX M6-P114DX M6-W010DX M6-W101DX M6-W103DX M6-W105DX Pro X2 Pavilion X2 11-H000 Pavilion X360 X2 11 13 15 M1 Probook 250 G3 250 G4 G5 355 G2 455R G6 Spectre X360 13 15 Split 13 X2 13-G110DX 13-M010DX 13-M110DX Split X2 13-F010DX 13-G110DX 13-G210DX 13-M010DX 13-M110DX 13-M210DX 13-R010DX Stream X360 11 13 14 11-D001DX 11-D010NR 11-D010WM 11-D011WM 11-D020NR 11-P010NR 11-P015WM 11-P110NR 11-R010NR 11-R014WM 11-R020NR 13-C002DX 13-C010NR 13-C020NR 13-C030NR 13-C110NR 13-C120NR 14-Z010NR 14-Z040WM J9V55UA#ABA K2L95UA K2L96UA Touchsmart 11-E115NR 11-K011WM 11-K120NR 11-K164NR 11-N010DX 11-N011DX 11-N012DX 11T-H000 13-A010DX 13-A012DX 13-A019WM 13-A110DX 13-P110NR 13-R100DX 13-S020NR 13-S128NR 13-S192NR 15-AB121DX 15-AB173CL 15-AC120NR 15-AC121DX 15-AC143WM 15-AF073NR 15-AF131DX 15-AF174NR 15-AN050NR 15-AN051DX 15-AY011NR 15-D017CL 15-D020DX 15-D030NR 15-D035DX 15-D073NR 15-F003DX 15-F004DX 15-F004WM 15-F009WM 15-F010DX 15-F010WM 15-F014WM 15-F018DX 15-F019DX 15-F023WM 15-F024WM 15-F029WM 15-F033WM 15-F039WM 15-F059WM 15-F085WM 15-F100DX 15-F111DX 15-F125WM 15-F133WM 15-F162DX 15-F205DX 15-F211WM 15-F215DX 15-F233WM 15-F271WM 15-F272WM 15-F305DX 15-F337WM 15-G007DX 15-G010DX 15-G012DX 15-G013CL 15-G013DX 15-G014DX 15-G018DX 15-G020DX 15-G020NR 15-G035WM 15-G039WM 15-G059WM 15-G060NR 15-G070NR 15-G073NR 15-G080NR 15-G173WM 15-G211DX 15-G212DX 15-G220NR 15-G227WM 15-G273NR 15-K016NR M1-U001DX Ultrabook X2 13-3000, 13-4001DX 13-4002DX 13-4003DX 13-4005DX 13-4100DX 13-4101DX 13-4102DX 13-4103DX 13T-3000 13T-H200 15-AP012DX

New Genuine HP Chromebook Envy Pavilion 45W 19.5V 2.31A AC Adapter 854054-002

Last update was on: Thursday, October 15, 2020

13-AD012NF 13-AD012NO 13-AD012NS 13-AD012TU 13-AD012TX 13-AD012UR 13-AD013NC 13-AD013NF 13-AD013NN 13-AD013NO 13-AD013NS 13-AD013TU 13-AD013TX 13-AD013UR 13-AD014NA 13-AD014TU 13-AD014TX 13-AD014UR 13-AD015NA 13-AD015NW 13-AD015TU 13-AD015TX 13-AD015UR 13-AD016NC 13-AD016NF 13-AD016TU 13-AD016TX 13-AD016UR 13-AD017NA 13-AD017NC 13-AD017NF 13-AD017TU 13-AD017TX 13-AD017UR 13-AD018NF 13-AD018TU 13-AD018TX 13-AD018UR 13-AD019NC 13-AD019NF 13-AD019TU 13-AD019TX 13-AD019UR 13-AD020NF 13-AD020TU 13-AD020TX 13-AD020UR 13-AD021TU 13-AD023TU 13-AD024TU 13-AD025TU 13-AD026TU 13-AD027TU 13-AD027TX 13-AD028TU 13-AD031ND 13-AD031TU 13-AD033TU 13-AD033TX 13-AD035TX 13-AD037TU 13-AD038TU 13-AD044NZ 13-AD047TU 13-AD050TU 13-AD051TU 13-AD053TU 13-AD055TU 13-AD056TU 13-AD057TU 13-AD058TU 13-AD059NA 13-AD060NA 13-AD060TU 13-AD065NR 13-AD067TU 13-AD069TU 13-AD081ND 13-AD098NB 13-AD098NIA 13-AD099NIA 13-AD101NF 13-AD102NA 13-AD102TU 13-AD103TU 13-AD105NG 13-AD105NL 13-AD106NG 13-AD113NS 13-AD142NG 13-AH0000TU 13-D000NA 13-D000NE 13-D000NF 13-D000NIA 13-D000NN 13-D000NO 13-D000NT 13-D000NV 13-D000NX 13-D000UR 13-D001 13-D001N 13-D001NT 13-D001NX 13-D001UR 13-D002LA 13-D002NE 13-D002NN 13-D002NO 13-D002NP 13-D002NV 13-D002TU 13-D002UR 13-D003LA 13-D003NA 13-D003NO 13-D003NP 13-D003NS 13-D003TU 13-D003UR 13-D004NO 13-D004NP 13-D004TU 13-D005LA 13-D005NO 13-D005NP 13-D005TU 13-D006LA 13-D006NA 13-D006NC 13-D006NF 13-D006NL 13-D006TU 13-D007NA 13-D007NF 13-D007NL 13-D007NO 13-D007TU 13-D008NO 13-D009NA 13-D009NF 13-D009NL 13-D009TU 13-D010CA 13-D010NC 13-D010ND 13-D010NF 13-D010NL 13-D011NF 13-D011NL 13-D011NW 13-D011TU 13-D012N 13-D012NF 13-D012NL 13-D012TU 13-D013NF 13-D014NF 13-D015TU 13-D016NF 13-D016NL 13-D016TU 13-D017NF 13-D017TU 13-D018NF 13-D019NF 13-D019TU 13-D020N 13-D020ND 13-D020NF 13-D020NW 13-D020TU 13-D021ND 13-D021NF 13-D022ND 13-D022NF 13-D022TU 13-D023CL 13-D023NF 13-D023TU 13-D024TU 13-D025TU 13-D026TU

740015-003 741727-001 A045R07DH HSTNN-DA35 HSTNN-LA35 HSTNN-CA40 HSTNN-DA40 HSTNN-LA40 ADP-45WD B New Laptop AC Adapter Charger for Hp Pavilion 11 13 15; HP elitebook Folio 1040 g1;HP Stream 13 11 14

Last update was on: Thursday, October 15, 2020

Detailes Color : Black ;Input : AC 100-240v 50/60hz Output : DC 19.5 V 2.31 A 45W, 65W; Connecter size : 4.5mm*3.0mm; Condition: 100% New; Item Includes: 1x AC Adapter & 1x Power Cable

Compatible Models:

HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 F2R68UT, F2R70UT, F2R72UT HP Split 13 x2 13-g100, 13-g110dx, 13-g118ca, 13-m000, 13-m010dx, 13-m100, 13-m110ca, 13-m110dx, 13t-g100, 13t-m000, 13t-m1000 HP Spectre Ultrabook x2 PC 13-3000, 13t-3000, 13t-h200, 13-3010dx, 13-3018ca, 13-h210dx, 13-h211nr

HP Pavilion x2 11-h, 13-p Series 11-h000, 11-h110nr, 11t-h100, 11-h010ca, 11-h010nr, 11-h013dx, 11t-h000, 13-p110nr, 13-p120nr, 13-p111nr, 13-p113cl, 13-p117cl, 13-p120ca, 13z-p100

HP Stream x360 11 13 14: 11-r010nr 11-r014wm 11-r020nr 11-p010nr 11-p015wm 11-p110nr 11-d001dx 11-d010nr 11-D010WM 11-d011wm 11-d020nr 13-c002dx 13-c010nr 13-c020nr 13-c030nr 13-c110nr 13-c120nr 14-z010nr 14-z040wm K2L95UA K2L96UA J9V55UA#ABA HP Spectre 15 x360 13 Ultrabook X2: 13-4001dx 13-4002dx 13-4003dx 13-4005dx 13-4100dx 13-4101dx 13-4102dx 13-4103dx 13t-3000 13t-h200 15-ap012dx

HP Envy x360 x2 13 15 M6: 13-j002dx 13-4105dx 13-4110dx 13-4193dx 13-4195dx 15-c001dx 15-u010dx 15-u011dx 15-u110dx 15-u111dx m6-ae151dx m6-p013dx m6-p014dx m6-p113dx m6-p114dx m6-w010dx m6-w103dx m6-w105dx m6-w101dx

HP Pavilion x360 x2 11 13 15 M1 TouchSmart: 11-e115nr 11-n010dx 11-n011dx 11-n012dx 11-k011wm 11-k120nr 11-k164nr 11t-h000 13-p110nr 13-r100dx 13-a010dx 13-a012dx 13-a019wm 13-a110dx 13-s020nr 13-s128nr 13-s192nr 15-ab121dx 15-ab173cl 15-ac120nr 15-ac121dx 15-ac143wm 15-af073nr 15-af131dx 15-af174nr 15-an050nr 15-an051dx 15-ay011nr 15-d017cl 15-d020dx 15-d030nr 15-d035dx 15-d073nr 15-f003dx 15-f004dx 15-f004wm 15-f009wm 15-f010dx 15-f010wm 15-f014wm 15-f018dx 15-f019dx 15-f023wm 15-f024wm 15-f029wm 15-f033wm 15-f039wm 15-f059wm

HSTNN-LA40 HSTNN-DA40 ADP-45WD 719309-003 721092-001 741727-001 740015-001 719309-001 F2R68UT F2R70UT F2R72UT

Laptop Charger for HP 753559-001 710412-001 854055-003 854055-002 709985-003 Spectre X360 Elitebook Folio 1040 G2 G3 Pavilion X360 Stream 11 13 14 Blue Tip Connector Only AC Adapter Power Supply Cord

Last update was on: Thursday, October 15, 2020

Compatible Part Numbers: Part Number 3168NGW 67770-002 693149-001 693667-800 693710-001 693711-001 693716-001 709985-001 709985-002 709985-003 710340-850 710412-001 714657-001 741727-001 753559-001 753559-002 854055-002 854055-003 854055-004 854057-002 854117-850 J9V55UA#ABA K2L95UA K2L96UA PA-1650-32HE PA-1650-34HE PPP009C PPP009D PPP009L-E 19.5V 3.33A 65W

19.5V 2.31A 4.5/3.0mm 45W AC Adapter Power Charger for HP 741727-001 740015-002 HSTNN-CA40 7400015-001 740015-003 ADP-45WD B

Last update was on: Thursday, October 15, 2020

Laptop Charger for HP 255 G6 Stream 11 13 14 (All Models) 740015-002 853490-002 TPN-CA04 741727-001 742436-001 854054-001 741553-850 HSTNN-LA40 HSTNN-DA40 HSTNN-CA40 Adapter Power Supply

Last update was on: Thursday, October 15, 2020

Acbel charger 19.5V 2.37A 45W Blue Tip Compatible with replacement for HP Pavilion / Pavilion X360 / Elitebook / Probook / Stream / Touchsmart / Chrombook 15-DB0007NA 15-DB0043NA 15-DB0069WM 15-DB009WM 15-DB0500SA 15-DB0521SA 15-DW0012NA 15-F211NR 15-F224WM 15-F271WM 14-AM052NR 14-AM078NA 14-CM0508SA 14-DK0008NA 14-DK0017NA 14-DK0020NA 14-DK0599SA 15-AY020NA 15-AY023NA 15-AY167SA 15-BA051WM 15-DB0049NA 15-DB1000NA 15-DW0010NA 15-DW0011NA 15-DW0014NA 15-F269NR 15-F337WM 15S-FQ0002NA 15S-FQ0008NA 15S-FQ0012NA 15S-FQ1505SA 15S-FQ1510SA 15S-FQ1512SA 17-BY0023NA 17-BY0031NA 17-BY1003NA Chromebook 11-V051NA Envy 15-U081NA Pavilion 14-CE0525SA 14-CE1000NF 14-CE1520SA 15-CC060WM 15-CW0505SA 15-CW1500SA 15-CW1507SA Pavilion X360 14-CD1004NA 14-CD1007NA 14-CD1009NA Stream 11-AK0008NA 11-AK000NA 11-AK0500SA 11-AK0501SA 11-AK0502SA 11-R015WM 11-Y000NA 11-Y002NA 13-C020NA 14-DF0005NS 14-DF0006NS 14-DK0001NS 14-DK0002NS 14-DK0011NS 14-DK0016NS 14-DK0017NS 15-BS000NS 15-BS007NS 15-BS127NS 15-BS507NS 15-BW017NS 15-BW068NS 15-DA0204NS 15-DA0208NS 15-DA0243NS 15-DA0245NS 15-DA0247NS 15-DA1013NS 15-DA1034NS 15-DA1080NS 15-DW0008NS 15-DW0016NS 15-DW0018NS 15-DW0029NS 15-DW0033NS 15-DW0035NS 15S-FQ1003NS 15S-FQ1006NS 15S-FQ1007NS 15S-FQ1008NS 15S-FQ1009NS 15S-FQ1013NS 15S-FQ1015NS 17-CA0011NS 17-CA1200NG 14-DH0003NS 14-DH1014NS 11-AK0001NS 11-Y000NS 14-AX001NS 14-DS0000NS 14-CF0006NL 14-CF0998NL 14-CF1005NL 14-DK0001NL 14-DK0009NL 14-DK0010NL 14-DK0015NL 14-DK0022NL 14-DK0025NL 14-DK0030NL 15-AY010NL 15-BW050NG 15-BW056NL

Original HP 65W USB Type-C AC Adapter For HP Spectre x360 13-A, 860065-002, 860209-850, 925740-002, TPN-CA06, 1588-3003, HU10674-16024

Last update was on: Thursday, October 15, 2020

HP 925740-002 USB Type-C Ac Adapter For:HP Spectre x360 13-AE015DX, 100% Compatible with HP Part Number: 860065-002, 860209-850, 925740-002, TPN-CA06, 1588-3003, HU10674-16024

Laptop Charger for HP 854055-004 709985-001 854055-002 854057-002 709985-001 PA-1650-32HE 709985-002 753559-002 714657-001 710412-001 Adapter Power Supply

Last update was on: Thursday, October 15, 2020

Pavilion 15-AC008NS 15-AC008TU 15-AC008TX 15-AC009NA 15-AC009NS 15-AC009TU 15-AC009TX 15-AC010NE 15-AC010NR 15-AC010NS 15-AC010TU 15-AC011NE 15-AC011NL 15-AC011NS 15-AC011TU 15-AC012NL 15-AC012NS 15-AC012TU 15-AC012TX 15-AC013NG 15-AC013NL 15-AC013NS 15-AC013TU 15-AC013TX 15-AC014NS 15-AC014TU 15-AC014TX 15-AC015NL 15-AC015TU 15-AC015TX 15-AC016NS 15-AC016TU 15-AC016TX 15-AC017NA 15-AC017NL 15-AC017NS 15-AC017TU 15-AC017TX 15-AC018CA 15-AC018NA 15-AC018NS 15-AC018TU 15-AC018TX 15-AC019NA Pavilion 15-AC019NS 15-AC019TU 15-AC019TX 15-AC020DS 15-AC020NA 15-AC020NR 15-AC020TU 15-AC020TX 15-AC021DS 15-AC021NA 15-AC021TU 15-AC021TX 15-AC022DS 15-AC022NA 15-AC022TX 15-AC023DS 15-AC023NA 15-AC023TX 15-AC024DS 15-AC024NA 15-AC024TX 15-AC025DS 15-AC025TU 15-AC025TX 15-AC026DS 15-AC026TU 15-AC026TX 15-AC027DS 15-AC027TU 15-AC027TX 15-AC028CA 15-AC028DS 15-AC028TU 15-AC028TX 15-AC029DS 15-AC029NA 15-AC029TU 15-AC029TX 15-AC030NA 15-AC030NC 15-AC030TU 15-AC030TX 15-AC031NC 15-AC031NG Pavilion 15-AC031TU 15-AC031TX 15-AC032NA 15-AC032NC 15-AC032NG 15-AC032TU 15-AC032TX 15-AC033NA 15-AC033TU 15-AC033TX 15-AC034CA 15-AC034NL 15-AC034TU 15-AC034TX 15-AC035TU 15-AC035TX 15-AC036NA 15-AC036TU 15-AC036TX 15-AC037CL 15-AC037NR 15-AC037TU 15-AC037TX 15-AC038TU 15-AC038TX 15-AC039NA 15-AC039NL 15-AC039TU 15-AC039TX 15-AC040NL 15-AC040TU 15-AC040TX 15-AC041NA 15-AC041NL 15-AC041TU 15-AC041TX 15-AC042NA 15-AC042TU 15-AC042TX 15-AC043TU 15-AC043TX 15-AC044TU 15-AC044TX 15-AC045TU Pavilion 15-AC045TX 15-AC046TU 15-AC046TX 15-AC047TU 15-AC047TX 15-AC048CA 15-AC048TU 15-AC048TX 15-AC049TU 15-AC049TX 15-AC050TU 15-AC050TX 15-AC051TU 15-AC051TX 15-AC052TU 15-AC052TX 15-AC053TU 15-AC053TX 15-AC054TU 15-AC054TX 15-AC055TU 15-AC055TX 15-AC056TU 15-AC056TX 15-AC057TU 15-AC058TU 15-AC058TX 15-AC059TU 15-AC059TX 15-AC060TU 15-AC060TX 15-AC061NR 15-AC061TU 15-AC061TX 15-AC062TU 15-AC062TX 15-AC063NR 15-AC063TU 15-AC063TX 15-AC064TU 15-AC064TX 15-AC065NL 15-AC065TU 15-AC065TX

HP Pavilion X360 710412-001 Blue Tip 19.5V 3.33A 65W Stream 11 13 14 15-AY Series 15-BS Series 15-G 15-R HP Envy 13-AD 15-BP HP Elitebook 1040 G1 Laptop Charger Ac Adapter Power Supply Cord

Last update was on: Thursday, October 15, 2020

This is an AcBel laptop charger to be used with selected HP laptops. The output rating of the charger is 19.5V 3.33A 65W and complies with all applicable safety standards.


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